“Deconstructing Handstand” with Jonathan Boyd

Ever wondered what life is like upside down? Join Jonathan Boyd and deconstruct the pose Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) into a logical sequence of small steps. Each stage is a building block for the full expression of the pose. By appreciating each little step you will harness more courage, make further progress, and have lots of fun.

Some of the techniques you will learn:
– Strengthening your upper body for greater confidence
– Kicking up to the wall
– Using the wall to balance
– Using partners to find alignment
– Safely “fall” out of handstand
– Advanced options for experienced students

The workshop will feature focused preparatory work to create upper body strength, open the hips, and offer sufficient cool-down time to settle the vibrant energy.

Those who have not yet mastered this challenging posture should not be afraid to give this workshop a try, as it is filled with an abundance of information on the mechanisms needed to achieve the pose.

Location, Dates and Times:
MokSana Yoga Center
500 – 3 Fan Tan Alley
Victoria, BC V8W 3G9

Saturday, July 13
$30 + gst

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