21 Day Meditation E-course with Bradley Morris

Bradley T Morris, renowned meditation teacher and life coach says, “it’s our habits that make us who we are”. Consider this question – “How much better would my life and service to the world be if I was to do all the things that make me connected, alive and powerful in my life?”

Bradley is starting a 21 Day journey of activating your potential through meditation, breath and living with conscious intention. His e-course offers tutorials, personal guidance, journal breakthrough exercises, and an online community in addition to a grounding and transformational meditation practice.

The philosophy behind his teachings is that when we are present, we discover the true source of our power. So, get present and live a powerful life!

If you want to dive in, then sign up here (http://cowabungalife.com/swadeyoga%40gmail.com/experience-meditation)…


Your investment will go much further than yourself and Bradley Morris!

Bradley has generously made this offering available at the price of your choosing.                                     Meaning, you get to Name your Price

By registering for the course through this link below, 33% of your payment will go towards YellowYogi to add a new Yoga Therapy Directory for Victoria and surrounding areas to its main directory.

When you sign up for the program you can sponsor a youth under 19 years old to do it for free. We can only imagine how powerful this opportunity will be for the Next Generation.