Aletheia Transformational Breath with Jacquie Peterson

Aletheia Transformational Breath offers the opportunity to transform physically and emotionally through powerful, conscious breathing. You will be guided through this journey to feel more grounded, energized and connected to the mind, body and spirit with clarity.

Aletheia Breath will:

– Energize
– Help detoxify, restore, balance and oxygenate the cells
– Resolve repressed emotions allowing the release of what is no longer serving
– Accelerate spiritual growth through expanded awareness

Please bring a cushion, a blanket, a yoga mat, and a bottle of water. Please wear warm and loose clothing.

Location(s), Dates(s) and Times(s):
A Heart Spark Studio
1487 Stroud Road Victoria BC

6:30-9:00pm Saturday September 6TH

Website, Contact Email and/or Phone:


250 213 5530