Align Your Spine with Yoga: Standing Strong Foundational Postures

Do you twist more easily to one side than the other?

Do you notice one of your hips is tighter than the other?

Does one of your hands always reach forward of the other in downward dog?

Is one shoulder lifted higher than the other?
If so, you may have an asymmetry or scoliosis curvature in your body.

This series of workshops will cover:

Standing and Strengthening Postures
Restorative Postures
Gentle Twists
Mild supported Inversions
The use of props to realign the body
Setup and adjustments for individuals according to their body’s unique needs.
Suitable for all levels of yoga students. Small group for deeper learning.

Location(s), Dates(s) and Times(s):
Sat. April 18 10am-12pm $30 James Bay Community School Register by phone 250-389-1470

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