Anusara Yoga Workshop with Elizabeth Rainey

Devotion in Motion: Dancing the Universe Awake… The Universe is breathing us alive with every breath. We in turn dance the universe awake with every gesture. The pulse of our Breath and our bodies is a mundane and ordinary experience. And yet it can be an intimate dance of recognition and devotion when we bring our heart, mind, and body into Harmony. It is this devotion that lights up our souls, inspires the world & is the center of the practice of Anusara Yoga.

Friday Aug 6-Sunday Aug 8: Friday 2-5pm $50 + hst (Lecture and Discussion on the Alignment Loops of Anusara Yoga) Friday 6-8pm $40 + hst (Hip Openers & Twists) Saturday 10am-1pm $50 + hst (Standing Poses & Backbends) Saturday 3-5pm $40 + hst (Forward Bends & Meditation) Sunday 10am-1pm $50 + hst (Standing & Arm Balances) $230 entire weekend/$180 asana only | Check out for more detail