Birth & Being

“Birth & Being” has come about as an expansion to that which we explore together in Prenatal Yoga… this time your birth partner gets to come to class with you! This class is a beneficial addition to other prenatal classes you may be taking.

Yoga Together | Saturday Dec 4th | 1-4 pm | $60 for 2 pre-register early (4 couples only)

Birth – explore hands on and hands off techniques; including labour pain coping techniques, Thai Yoga massage and breathing. Being – practice being in the moment with pregnancy, birth and parenting… compassion and mindfulness for your new family.

A “hands-on” practice workshop for Mom & birth partner featuring: * Partner Yoga for 3 (Mom + Partner + Babe) – learn some basic Yoga Positions that you can do together at home * Pain coping positions and breathing techniques for labour * Labouring positions and ways to support Mom – explore various positions that will help Mom in labour and childbirth. Practice positions with partner. Hands on learning and guidance. * Massage for shoulders, hands and feet for prenatal and post partum time * Massage techniques for labour – practice connecting with compassionate hands, applying techniques that are easy to use and easy to remember. * Visualization and meditation – meditation is awareness moment to moment, visualizations and breathing together can be most helpful for many years to come.