Chakra Dharana: Opening Up The Centers of Cosmic Connections

Monday, August 23 | 1:30-4:30pm | $45 + hst

Enter into the dimension of Consciousness and Energy through the systems of Chakras. Chakras provide us with tools for relaxation, concentration and meditation and help us to explore the different planes of consciousness so that we can express our creativity in day-to-day living. By integrating Chakra-Yoga practices into our life, we begin with the awareness of ourselves in our present condition and come to know the potential and possibilities that exist within us. We then use those strengths or possibilities to reach a higher state of awareness and being in life.

Instructor Swami Maheshanada is a wandering yogi who travels internationally to conduct seminars and workshops on yoga. For more info about the workshop and Swami Maheshanada visit