Chakra Yoga w/Fiji McAlpine

Come together for an afternoon of in-depth and multi-layered exploration of the chakra system. Through yoga we have a unique opportunity to work our way through the seven steps of the energetic rainbow, an energy system that has profound physical, psychological and emotional impacts on our lives.

The chakra system is one that is dynamic by nature being activated both by energy inputs and outputs. Balance is found when energy is able to flow freely unobstructed, imbalances occur when the flow of energy is either deficient or excessive in one of the chakras. The repercussions that stem from such imbalances can take many forms in our lives and we can see common physical, mental and emotional manifestations arise as a response to specific blockages.

This workshop intends to establish a general understanding of the 7 tiered chakra system and how it can be used to bring balance into each aspect of our lives.

Location(s), Dates(s) and Times(s):

1274 May St (corner of Moss and May St)

Saturday February 4th 1-4pm $45 +HST

Website, Contact Email and/or Phone: 250-294-0434