Community Yoga at the LivingColours event this weekend

FREE Community Yoga: THIS SATURDAY FEB 13 @ 1pm-2pm (weather permitting)
On the grassy lawn at the corner of Government Street and Pandora during livingcolours Spring Spectacular (Olympic Opening Ceremonies weekend).
Yoga Style: An energizing flow class. It will include lots of standing postures and balances.
For all levels
Free admission
Mats provided
Just bring your towels, water and a big smile!
Yoga Instructor: Melissa McLeod is a friendly, down-to-earth yoga and fitness instructor. She encourages her students to slow down and listen to their bodies during their practice. She loves helping people discover what they are capable of, and how their body likes to move! Melissa specializes in teaching students how to engage their core correctly, using their deep abdominals and pelvic floor muscles. Melissa is honored to share the gift of yoga. For more information about Melissa, visit her website.