DOWNdawg Yoga Partner Challenge

June 7 – June 28 | 5:30pm-6:30pm – Come each Monday to DOWNdawg AKA Hip Hop Yoga at the Base Lounge for the month of June, and be entered into a draw for an amazing Lululemon prize pack.

There is going to be some serious swag in this prize pack so you need to participate in this challenge. Here’s how it works……. Come to DOWNdawg Yoga, Mondays, 5:30 PM at the Base Lounge with a friend. We would LOVE to see a few more guys out, so let’s encourage our boyfriends, husbands, buddies, etc to try this awesome workout. Everytime you and your partner come to class you both can enter your names into the draw. The more DOWNdawg Yoga classes you take in the month of June, the more chances you’ll have to win. Now even though this challenge is geared towards getting the guys out, we are just as happy to see more people out enjoying the class. So if you bring a buddy (male or female) you can enter for the awesome lululemon prize pack. But again, you must bring a buddy/friend in order to enter your name.

This challenge runs only for the month of June so get yourself and a friend out!! There are only 4 classes to attend. The draw will happen on the last class, June 28th. Attendence is required in order to win the Lululemon prize pack. I hope to see you in class! -Amy (DOWNdawg Yoga Creator and Instructor)