Featured Product: Yoga Paws

Yoga Paws is the yoga mat you can wear! Yoga Paws are the compact solution for every practitioner who sweats and has trouble sticking to their yoga mat during practice. Shape Magazine’s Editors Choice and featured in Yoga Journal.

Yoga Paws are offered for the first time in Victoria through YellowYogi.com. Limited quantities are available.
Click here for more information. Read below to see what one guest thought about their Yoga Paws.

“Yoga Paws are a much needed addition to my yoga practice. These well ftting gloves and booties add support and cushioning to my hands and feet. They can be used on their own or in addition to a yoga mat. I have found that they keep me from slipping and sliding from sweaty “paws” during more rigourous practices and are beneficial when holding static poses. They work great on hardwood floors and carpeting and are small enough to slip into a carry on for my next business trip. I strongly recommend these for any yoga practitioner of any level. ” – Tribalblue