Scoliosis is a lateral and/or rotational curvature of the spine which can result in compromised breathing, posture, organ function, reduced energy and chronic pain. Starting in January, these small group pre-registered intensives will provide an incredible amount of support, asana modifications and lifestyle adjustments to enhance posture, breath, strength, balance and more. Included in each session will be a private one-on-one with me to specifically adapt postures to your needs. This course is a life–changer. Deep release and a new sense of empowerment are the results. True freedom inside the body awaits.

Session One:     Jan. 5-Feb. 16 Thur. 5:30-6:45pm  7 classes + private $150

Session Two:   Mar. 1-Apr. 26 Thur. 5:30-6:45pm  9 classes + private $175

Session Three: May 3-Jun. 28 Thur. 5:30-6:45pm  9 classes + private $175

Location: 1088B Fort. St.  Victoria. (Moon Room of Moksha Yoga)

To register, call 778-433-9806.

Facebook event – Finding Centre: Yoga for Scoliosis Classes


About the Instructor : Kathryn Kusyszyn discovered her scoliosis at age 18 after a trampoline accident sent her to a chiropractor. Her pain and discomfort led her to explore massage, osteopathy, acupuncture and several other healing modalities. Now certified in Yoga, Reiki, and Holistic Nutrition as well as Traditional Thai and Ayurvedic Massage, Kathryn’s purpose is to support others in accepting their current situation while being open to transformation.


“Relaxing, yet a wonderful stretching workout, a great way to find peace.” S. Lawson

“ A wonderful blend of yoga asanas and instruction in yoga as a way of life”. S. Mitchell

“You find what works for each one of us. Very beneficial and I sleep much better after class. “ D. Wolfe

“Kathryn’s classes are well-planned with a good flow and supportive atmosphere.” S. Sterling