First Ever Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Starts November 1st at the Blackfish Inn 12 kms west of Sooke. The teachers will be provided by Yoga West of Vancouver.

The course will be taught in 4 sections – each section is 6 days long. The dates of the program are

Nov 1-6
Jan 3-8
Feb 28 – Mar 5
May 23-28

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• Total cost for the program is $3500. Note: This does not include the price of books nor the price of the White Tantric Yoga course (total: approximately $360).
• Yoga West is registered with the province as a post secondary education institution. Students receive a T2202A form which allows claiming the program on your taxes.

Included in the course:
• Course fees for all instruction
• A one-year Membership to IKYTA (see:
• A discount of 20% is available to full-time students and seniors

The Blackfish Inn is a beautiful oceanside accommodation. It is located at the end of a dead end road right on the ocean at the centre of Orveas Bay. There is a beautiful beach walk to Muir Creek, spectacular ocean views and acres of property to enjoy.

Location(s), Dates(s) and Times(s):
Blackfish Inn is located on Blackfish Rd. 12 kms west of Sooke on Hwy #14 – West Coast Rd.

The classes will be held during the day

Nov 1-6
Jan 3-8
Feb 28 – Mar 5
May 23-28

There is inexpensive, ocean front accommodation available during the program for those who do not wish to travel.

Website, Contact Email and/or Phone:
For more information contact Alanda:
call 250 642-3001
Sat nam and best wishes!
Siri Amir Kaur Alanda Carver