Get Moving! for Pakistan

The United Nations estimates that more than 21 million people are injured or homeless as a result of the flooding in Pakistan. It is feared that the death toll will rise as continuing rains increase the threat of more flooding and the spread of waterborne diseases such as dysentery, diarrhea and cholera begins.

Until October 3rd, donations will be doubled under the Pakistan Floods Relief Fund. So, members of Victoria’s Yoga, Dance and Healing Communities are getting together to celebrate movement and compassion, and to raise some funds. Needed most at this moment in Pakistan is food and medicine, so we are donating money to the Canadian Medical Assistance Teams.

Get Moving! for Pakistan will be held at the Yoga Shala in Victoria, on Saturday, October 2nd, starting at 4pm. Join us for Partner/Acro Yoga, Groove Method Fitness, try some body-soothing Thai Massage, each for a suggested donation of $10. Warmup with Pranadance, then groove to the chllin’ tunes of DJ Sylvain ’til late. There will be a silent auction including bodywork, sessions of classes, personalized yoga, and tons of other cool stuff. Opportunities for chair massage throughout, along with delicious treats and chai, open hearts, love and laughter. Let’s get our bodies moving and our generous community working to help the people of Pakistan!