Harmonize the Heat: Yoga, Acupuncture and Nutrition with Jenn Rankin

Ancient Chinese Medicine texts describe the months of summer as related to the fire element. Fire is related to the Heart and Small Intestine and the emotions of joy and depression. By harmonizing the flow of energy through the body and making food and lifestyle choices in alignment with the season we help to radiate the energy of summer in our lives.

Throughout this 3 hour practice we will attune to the fire element and the theme of summer from the perspective of Chinese Medicine by exploring

• A gentle yoga practice
• A short meditation with instruction including a balancing acupuncture treatment
• Food & herb choices for the season

This workshop is suitable for all levels. Handouts and recipes will be provided.

Location, Dates and Times:
Ajna Yoga, Victoria BC
July 6th 10am – 1pm

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Ajna Yoga
2185 Theatre Lane
(250) 812-8355

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