Have YOU tried Qi Gong? The martial arts style of yoga!

“Hailing from the famous Shaolin Temple in China, this vigorous, martial-arts style of Qi Gong will connect you to a legacy of Warrior-Monks from ancient times. Tonify your body and internal organs as you shout at the heavens, sink your roots into the earth, push pillars of energy around, and shoot invisible fire from your eyes. Develop your breathing ability, coordination, flexibility and above all, cultivate the quality and quantity of “Qi”, or life force, inside your body.” – Base Lounge.

Taught by Aaron Banfield (check out his profile: Instructor Profiles)

@ Base Lounge – 1303 BROAD ST

When? Most Sundays. Check out the schedule for more info: Studio Schedules
OR call the studio: (250) 590-1816