Hip Openers with Daniel Hickman-CANCELLED

***UPDATE: Workshop cancelled until further notice***

The hips are not only the place for the legs to pivot from, but are also the base that cradles the upper body. Swadisthana, the 2nd chakra, is located here and its element is water. So, the hips will often dictate how “fluid” one can move. For some, their hips might be “frozen,” for others their hips might be moving only in one particular “current.”

This workshop will focus on specific movements and asanas that help bring balance to the 22 muscles that are associated with this very important area of the body. Benefits include: alleviation of back, thigh and sciatic pain, improved ease of physical performance, and the increase of circulation of prana-energy and blood to the digestive and sexual organs. No experience is necessary to attend this vital workshop. Throughout the two and a half hours spent you will carefully and curiously examine and tune in to the center of mobility your human body. You will walk away a different person! Open to All. | June 19| 1:30 – 4:00pm | www.moksanayoga.com