Jump Around! A workshop on Ashtanga transitions

You don’t have to have triceps the size of cantaloupes to do a jump-back, honest. Transitions are all about engaging your bandhas and using your core. Momentum, centre of gravity, and sometimes a bit of luck contribute too.

Andrew and Jenny will lead you through a workshop focusing on the transitions featured in the Ashtanga Primary series, from your basic jump-backs, jumpthroughs, and chakrsanas, to some of the fancier ones. After warming up, we’ll investigate all the components of the transition through a variety of core and bandha exercises. And then be prepared to do a whole lot of jumping!

All levels welcome, whether you’re just beginning to develop your transitions or if you’re looking to take them to the next level, but please be somewhat familiar with the Primary Series.

Sunday June 26 | 1:00pm to 3:30pm | @ The Yoga Shala