Karma Yogi Opportunity

The Yoga Shala Karma Yoga Program provides an opportunity for students, or those with lower incomes to maintain an active yoga practice. We have volunteer opportunities available (to those who qualify) for studio cleaning, reception, and distributing flyers. With consistent dedication to the program, you will be eligible for an ongoing reduced pass ($30 for 4 weeks unlimited) in exchange for your volunteer work. You will also receive discounts on select workshops. Work experience and reference letters upon request.

How to Join the Karma Yoga Program – The Karma Yoga Program is an integral part of the Yoga Shala, and we value and rely on our volunteers to be committed to their positions for the duration of their volunteer term. To become a volunteer at the Yoga Shala, we ask that you meet the following criteria: Consistently take yoga classes and show a dedication to your practice. Commitment to consistently perform your volunteer duties as agreed upon. If there is a day you are unable make it to your shift, commitment to find a replacement volunteer from our list of volunteers and provide adequate notice of your intention to provide a replacement. Volunteers missing two shifts or more may be asked to leave the program.

To join the Karma Yoga Program and become a valued member of the Yoga Shala volunteer community, please complete a Karma Yoga Application, available at the Yoga Shala. For information about the program, send an e-mail to karmayoga@theyogashala.ca. If you qualify, we will be happy to meet with you, determine what shifts are available for you, and train you. Thank you and Namaste!