Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training on Vancouver Island

It is probably the last opportunity to do this training on Vancouver Island at least for awhile. The outreach teaching was only meant to be here for one year but the teachers enjoyed the training experience so much that they decided to give us an extra year of training! The next closest Kundalini Yoga teacher training option this year is traveling to Vancouver once per month from October to May at a rate of about one weekend per month to do the training.

One reason that this training was so special for the teachers is because the teachers and students can stay together at the beautiful oceanfront Blackfish Inn. The students are then blessed to have an intimate experience of these amazingly high calibre teachers by sharing their space and grace on a daily basis during the training.

The training feels like giving yourself 4 very special retreats. All of your needs are looked after and you are free to enjoy your training and studies without the worries of everyday life. Here are the Island training dates. All the other information is contained in the brochure: please contact me for a copy. The picture is of the Blackfish Inn.

Thurs. Oct. 31 – Mon., Nov. 4
Fri., Jan. 3 – Tues. Jan. 7
Thurs., March 14 – 18
Thursday, May 22- 27 (6 days)


Blackfish Inn option details:
Stay at the Inn for $120 per training session for up to 6 nights of accommodation and have 3 meals per day plus snacks provided for $20 per day – $120 per session.


Yoga West at yogawest.ca to register for Teacher training

Contact Siri Amir at muircreek@hotmail.com to reserve your space


Alanda’s Yoga Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Infinite-Spirit-Yoga/361421813984447