Moving From Difficult to Doable

Yogahour is a challenging hatha flow practice that offers clear and specific alignment instructions to express and experience the postures safely and with strength. At the very least it will change your understanding of the poses. And with care and attention you will discover a new relationship between the poses, perhaps even a new experience of Yoga as you observe your limitations become invitations to explore in a safe and supportive environment you create through shape, safety, and refinement. Boundaries between you and what you thought was possible dissolve, as difficult poses becomes doable.

Yogahour poses are traditional Hatha postures, accessible to anyone who is injury-free and willing to practice deliberately, attentively, and with vigour. In asana as in life, repetition can transfer control of the movements from top-down to bottom-up brain circuits that risk putting us into autopilot mode while on the mat. Too much of this automation leads us to the OK plateau, where we coast or stall indefinitely without progress. The key to progress is not just mechanical repetition, but active corrective attention, tweaking the poses and adjusting their execution over and over to improve form and continue to derive the most benefits from our practice. This requires a  willingness to allow more errors at first as we increase our limits.

The pace of Yogahour is fast, but the brilliant, precise alignment cues are key to maintaining focus on actively refining the postures. In this workshop, we will slow things down significantly to maximize absorption and prepare you for the next level in your practice. This is not just a longer practice – be prepared to take notes. You will have lots of time to try on new ways of approaching the postures during this workshop. You will learn Basic Alignment Principles for all categories of poses: standing, seated, forward folds, backbends, twists, arm balances, prone, supine, and core strengthening. You will be able to apply what you learn in this workshop to every class, in every style, from every tradition, ensuring you will continue to grow beyond proficiency level, whatever your preferred practice.

Suitable for every level – the only prerequisite is enthusiasm!

Investment: $45

Register online or in person at MokSana.

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MokSana Yoga
3 Fan Tan Alley, 5th floor
Sunday April 13th, 1:15 to 4:15 pm

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