Peter Sterios – Gravity and Grace Weekend Workshop and Practicum

Hatha yoga is a tool for meeting resistance in our bodies and thoughts in a productive way. How one approaches the practice determines the quality yoga brings to our lives. Maintaining the practice and the quality yoga brings relies on experiences attainable only through self-practice.

During this program, experience how various types of resistance met during practice hold keys for re-discovering the creative force many lose as adulthood “takes hold”. Physically, observe how the subtle external force of Gravity influences our practice through the power of surrender at the moment we meet resistance in the anatomical body. As this process becomes familiar, we gain more trust in our feeling “minds” (heart & belly) for guidance. This opens us to experience psychologically the subtle internal force of Grace, which appears as mental control is released, and replaced by inspiration to creatively meet resistance in the mind and emotions. This understanding helps us uncover our unique “inner teacher”, cultivating a sustainable personal practice and the wisdom borne of our own experience.

Weekend WORKSHOP: August 13-15 6-8:00 PM (Fri); 1-4:00 PM (Sat&Sun) | General (open to all levels)

Week long PRACTICUM: August 16-20, 6:30-8:30 AM, (M-F) | Experienced (6-mos.min), or completion of Weekend Workshop Costs:

Weekend – $135, Practicum – $120, Both – $220 (Plus HST)

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