Relaxing into Transitions ~ Soothing Restoratives with Yoga Nidra w/Jenn Piercy

The turn of the season presents a fresh opportunity to reflect on natural rhythms and how we are using our life energy. The focus in Restorative practice is on silence and effortlessness – you are learning to harness energy without spending energy.

Through careful and strategic support customized to your unique body, Restorative poses facilitate both deep relaxation as well as generating ideal conditions for introspection, healing and renewal.

This special 2 hour session will feel like a mini retreat for mind and body. We will move the spine gently and slowly in its full range of motion through the exploration of supported forward, backward and lateral extension, as well as mild twisting and inverting. As the body is allowed to linger in deeply nourishing supported positions, a fresh flow of circulation is stimulated into key pathways, organs, and glands.

These positions also open and free tight respiratory and accessory muscles, liberating the breath to remove obstructions and massage places of tension. Held poses will be followed by a Yoga Nidra session – a guided meditation practice of conscious deep sleep that can expand and refine awareness, decrease perception of pain, manage insomnia, develop inner resources, and plant seeds for positive intention and growth – among other things!

Saturday December 17, 2011 | 4:30-6:30pm | Extra $5 with your pass or $25 drop-in | @ Hemma