Restorative Yoga and the Cellular Breath w/ Jenn Piercy

Did you know your body contains about 75 trillion cells? Restorative Yoga is an ideal practice to tune into cellular breathing. The focus in Restorative poses is effortlessness – you are learning to harness energy without spending energy. This facillitates both deep relaxation as well as generating the conditions for cellular renewal.

This session features therapeutic postures using the support of props, allowing for longer holds to tap into the healing wisdom of stillness and deep states of yogic meditation. Participants can expect to relax introspectively in a quiet, supported environment while building resources of energy.

We will deepen our understanding of and connection to cellular energy while learning ways to dismantle common breath holding patterns. Handouts and personal practice suggestions will be provided. Class size will be limited to ensure everyone receives individual attention.

$50+HST | Saturday January 22nd 2010 | 1pm-4pm | @ Hemma