Restorative Yoga and the Cellular Breath w/ Jenn Piercy

Enjoy a soothing December afternoon rejuvenating yourself at a cellular level! Did you know that your entire body contains about 75 trillion cells? The cells are the ground matrix from which all other states, both physical and psychological, evolve. Although cellular respiration is influenced by the way we lung breathe, it has its own distinct rhythm that is different from external respiration. Many people describe a gentle pulsing, shimmering, tingling or glowing sensation in the body at the level of the cells. Any area of the body where there is chronic tension will have reduced capacity for cellular respiration. Where cellular breathing is taking place freely the cells are alive, vital, and healthy – where cellular breathing is restricted, the cells are in a state of struggle, confusion and disorder.

Restorative Yoga is an ideal practice to tune into cellular breathing. The focus in Restorative poses is effortless – you are learning to harness energy without spending energy. This facilitates both deep relaxation as well as generating the conditions for cellular renewal. This session features therapeutic postures using the support of props, allowing for longer holds to tap into the healing wisdom of stillness and deep states of yogic meditation. Participants can expect to come away understanding ways of dismantling common breath holding patterns and a heightened awareness of cellular energy. Handouts and personal practice suggestions will be provided.

$50+HST | Saturday December 4 | 1pm – 4pm | @ Hemma