Restorative Yoga Series with Anthea Browne

Let go of chronic tension from head to toe.

Deeply healing for body and soul, a regular restorative practice will ease chronic pain, unravel tension patterns to create space for deeper breathing and complete health. This series will give you the foundation and inspiration to commit to a home practice. Honour yourself with the transformative rest you truly need and deserve. In the first half of each session, we will explore the area both from an anatomical and emotional perspective, practicing setting up the postures in pairs. After a short break we will do the series of poses, this time settling in for a nice long, restorative rest.

After each workshop, participants will receive a booklet detailing the postures, with photos from the workshop.

Sept 28 – Neck, Shoulders, Chest and Upper Back

Chronic tension builds in the upper trapezius muscles alongside the neck and beneath the shoulder blades. Explore the anatomy of the shoulder girdle, transformative breathing exercises and the magic of twists for easing shoulder, neck and jaw tension. Open up to the healing qualities of deep, complete breath.

Oct. 26 – Supple Spine

Back pain often begins with tension, bringing on lack of mobility. Learn and practice easy, support twists for spinal health, and deepen your understanding of the sacroiliac joint and the psoas muscle. Increase spinal mobility for head to toes ease of motion.

Nov 23 – Happy Hips 

Sitting wreaks havoc on our hips, tightening muscles front and back, causing lower back and hip pain. Learn a restorative series designed to bring freedom of motion to your lower body. Explore the anatomy of the pelvis, including the Sacroiliac and Iliopsoas. Loose hips = yoga bliss!


Location, Date & Time:

Three Saturdays noon to 4pm at Ahimsa Yoga, Sooke

$45/workshop or $100 for all three.



Register at or 250-642-9642

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A message from Anthea:

I’ve been blogging about my hip replacement journey. Questions and comments are welcome!