Self Inquiry Retreat in the Ancient Tradition of India (with Ramji)

Explore the 5,000 year-old Indian Spiritual Path of Self Inquiry! “The ancient spiritual teachings of Self-Inquiry show us how to remove suffering caused by misunderstanding our true nature. Self-Inquiry is the royal road to happiness and inner peace. It equates happiness with freedom from dependence on anything other than one’s own Self.” – RAMJI

This is a unique opportunity to explore the ancient and liberating vision of Non-duality with humor and delight. Ramji has taught non-dual spirituality for 30 years to thousands of students. He is a colourful, entertaining and profound teacher of a tradition penetrating the heart of existence. If you are interested in taking your spiritual questions further and would like to understand your true nature, the nature of mind and of the world, this course will be of great value. Author of ‘How to Attain Enlightenment, The Vision of Non-Duality.’

Ramji’s teaching is offered on Donation basis. Attendance fee to cover hosting costs: $60 Optional 5 vegetarian meals package: $60 Optional camping accommodation: $30 | July 15-17, 2011 | 7pm Friday – 4pm Sunday