Stoke the Fires with Akhanda Yoga

Join us for 5 mornings of holistic Yoga, with a daily focus on tending the Sacred Fire, ~Agni~.

5 Day Morning Yoga Intensive | Yoga Together | Nov 29 – Dec 3 | 6:45 – 8am | $55 ($5 donated to Victoria Cool Aid Society) pre-register only – a handful of spaces still open : )

When we take care of our Inner Fire ~Agni~ our day to day well-being is improved. “Agni is essential for efficient digestion, visual perception, body temperature regulation, clear complexion, courage, happiness, mental lucidity, affection, assimilation, absorption of food, processing of thought, and life experience’s.” (Meza) As the weather turns colder, come in and tend your fire with a balanced Akhanda Yoga practice, and fend off cold complaints from your joints, muscles, belly, heart and mind. ~ Every cell in our bodies has been forged in the furnace of the sun. ~