Foundations of Yoga Therapy Certificate Program (RYS200 – Total: 310h)

My belief is that your healing means becoming whole – empowered in your growth, life-directions, and well-being. And I believe that our collective journey is the co-creation of a healed planet – a world we all live-in and share. Therefore, my commitment is to the personal journey of each person we work with and their empowerment toward healing – because the therapist and community helper is who you are (and not just what you know) at the end of the training.

Nikki Manzie:
Program Director – Yogatherapy, Eastern Therapies and Bodywork

The Foundations of Yogatherapy Certificate Program is a 310-hour program that contains a Yoga Teacher Training program. This program introduces students to the philosophy, therapeutic principles and techniques of yoga and supports individual and collective healing and awakening. You will profoundly contact the essential core-being and empower healing using only the tools of “self” — breath, body, heart and mind. Yoga has a depth of practice that extends much further than physical postures, and is not limited to those who are flexible or mobile. The practices of breath, cultivating focus and awareness through meditation and lifestyle, and the application of the eastern understandings of health, well-being and disease all work together to create a model of yoga that is both therapeutic as well as enriching. Yogatherapy is the application of the techniques and philosophy of yoga to support the healing and well-being of clients on all levels.

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August 27 – December 12, 2012
Mondays and Wednesdays(8:30am-5:30pm
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