Thai Massage Level One

Thai Massage Level One Part One of Thai Massage Certificate

September 24 – 28 | Queenswood Centre | $650 | | Next Level One Class: April 6 – 10 & September 24-28, 2011 | 9:30-4:30

In this fun hands on class, students learn how to perform a complete 90 minute Thai Massage Session. You will learn Thai Massage Asanas and how to perform the transitions between postures effortlessly, creating the “Dance of Thai Massage”. You will learn Prone and Supine postures. You will learn how to maintain proper body alignment & positions that create a mutually beneficial massage for both practitioner & recipient. We will discuss the history and philosophy of Thai Massage as well as one of the Sen Channels Integrate “Metta” (compassion) and meditation into your work.