The Journey – 5 Day Akhanda Yoga Morning Intensive

We are going on an Akhanda Yoga Journey right here in Fernwood…please join the ‘So Hum Fun’ train!

The Journey: Day 1 – the beginning ~ Earth our OM | Day 2 – go with the flow ~ bountiful water within | Day 3 – to the source ~ stirring the sacred fires | Day 4 – flying with possibilities ~ loving the unknown | Day 5 – moving in stillness ~ our true essence space

5 Day Morning’s Akhanda Yoga Intensive | Mon April 26 – Fri April 30 | 6:45am – 8am | $55 | Pre-register early, space is limited. For each registration, we will donate $5 to The Power of Hope Society, Victoria BC Canada! Pre-register by phone: 250-361-4199 OR email Yoga Together website.

(Power of Hope non profit org, provides empowering and life-changing programs to teens, while maintaining the policy that no youth will be turned away because they lack the ability to pay.) Hari Om!