The Seven Portals to Wholeness & Happiness

An 8 week series exploring the Chakra Portals, with Tersia Fagan.

The chakras are the sacred centers within that carry us on our journey toward greater awareness and aliveness. Originating in the yoga traditions of India, the seven chakras are understood as the organs of the energy body, the mysterious essence that makes us uniquely alive.

The chakra system is a theoretical model interpreted as a transformer of energy. Compared to electrical transformers, these energy portals collect the energy that flows into our bodies, and processes and transform electrical frequencies into sensations – what we experience as thinking and feeling. By understanding these energy portals, we bring consciousness to the complexity of our identities and gain insight into our true selves.

The chakra system is a map for the journey through life, representing the spectrum of human possibility. To navigate its territory is to take an exciting journey of awakening – in mind, body and spirit.

Format: theoretical exploration of the chakra portals, yogasana and mantra to awaken the energy body, and reflections for the emotional and feeling body.

Location(s), Dates(s) and Times(s):
Moksana Yoga Centre
Wednesdays: March and April, 2013
7pm – 9pm

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