THE YOGA OF LIBERATION: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra in Theory and Experience

A workshop with Chip Hartranft. Even for many of its most accomplished adherents, doing yoga primarily means pouring the energies of body and breath into a series of postures that can range from soft to strenuous. In fact, this dynamic approach to cultivating vitality and presence was developed mostly in the last millennium and is the still-evolving ‘baby’ in the yoga family.

Its 10th century creators called it hatha yoga – meaning the yoga of ‘force’ or ‘energy’ – to distinguish it from the ‘royal’ or ‘highest’ path, raja yoga – the cultivation of samadhi laid out by Patanjali nearly 1000 years earlier in the Yoga Sutra. Few who practice yoga today know much about its origins in pre-Buddhist India, nor are aware that until recent times yoga practice, like that of most Buddhist traditions, has been mainly concerned with how to develop meditative tranquility and liberating insight. In this talk, slideshow and practice we’ll explore the radical path of yoga, toward the knowing free of any knower, both through an illuminated survey of the Indian classical yoga tradition and in the laboratory of our own body and consciousness.

Saturday and Sunday July 10 & 11th | 12:30-4pm | $125 + HST | @ Hemma