Turning over a New Leaf: Reflective Journaling

Turning over a New Leaf’: Meditation & Reflective Journaling

Have you been wanting to begin or continue a regular meditation practice? Would you like to explore your thoughts & feelings in a way that will help to illuminate your deepest Self? Join Life Coach, Carolyn Crow for this meditation/self-awareness class every Thursday morning 10:15 – 11:15am.

Each class will consist of a guided meditation to help clear the mind, a subject to explore & guidelines to assist in the journaling process. Reflective journals are meant to provide feedback, hindsight & help to define future goals. The simple act of writing out your thoughts can be a way to help define who you are & what you’ve experienced. Thursdays 10:15 – 11:15am beginning Nov 4 (drop in) for more info visit: www.breathingspacebrentwood.com or call 250 813 3254