Workshop: New Vinyasa Practice!

Invigorating NEW Vinyasa Practice from Sanjay’s India travels. • Balanced approach to strength and flexibility • Build strength and support for your knees • Develop deep breath awareness through slow and deliberate flow • Calm your mind and nervous system Prana – the life force – is the essential essence of each and every one of us.

Through focused breath we may begin to contact and expand this life force, our vital energy. In this new yoga practice the breath is deep and slow, guiding the movement of postures. In this way we maintain a strong mental awareness throughout the practice and start to build our pranic energy. Physically the postures provide equilibrium for the upper and lower body, giving a strong focus on strengthening and grounding our base – the legs. There is a complete utilization of the hip joints, quadriceps, calf muscles and hamstrings which help build and maintain strength and stamina.

The body is trained evenly along its front, back and transverse lines, equally developing strength, balance and flexibility. The practice challenges us further by maintaining an even flow from one posture to the next, increasing tapas – inner heat – in order to burn through our inner obstacles.

All payments/bookings must be made prior to the workshop. This can be done online or at Moksana Yoga Centre. Bring a towel as you may sweat. Be well hydrated before the workshop. October 2, 2010| 1:15pm – 3:15pm | Cost $35+HST Deposit $20 | To see more info or make payments go to: