Yellow Yogi is BACK! Meet Sarah Wade, new Community Manager!

Namaste Yogis!!!

I am thrilled to announce the return of Yellow Yogi! Since closing down, I was surprised to hear from and about many of you who still wanted to keep it alive!I am so happy and grateful that this resource has made a positive impact on you and a difference in the yoga community.

The wonderful Sarah Wade has courageously stepped up to lead Yellow Yogi’s return, and bring it back to life with more exciting news, tidbits and information about the world of yoga! There is nothing to not love about her enthusiasm, charm and her dedication to healing others through yoga!

And the gates are open!!! As of today, we are happy to provide Instructors and Yoga Studio/Centre owners the opportunity to submit business listings, news and events, instructor profiles and more, all through the Advertise page here:

We are SO excited to continue on this journey and cannot wait to share our passion for yoga with all of you!

Any questions, feedback, concerns… contact:

With Love,



But WAIT!! Don’t go away just yet – MEET Sarah Wade:

Dear Victoria Yoga Community, What an honour to be maintaining the Yellow Yogi website for the community of Victoria!! I am thrilled to be embarking on something new in my life, and providing service to the yoga community.

When I found out that the Yellow Yogi site was closing, I reflected on what a unique and outstanding resource it is. There simply aren’t many cities out there with a specialized directory focused on community, and supporting both yoga professionals and enthusiasts simultaneously!

With a young baby at home, and a part time Yoga Therapy and Thai Massage practice, I realized that I would like to help to keep the site going. It feels like it will be a fantastic way to create community and connections, while supporting an amazing network of people.For this, I would like to take a moment to thank Ainsley for the heartfelt contribution that she has created and for her time, effort and dedication to the yoga community of Victoria. It is a joy to be working with you! I am grateful, inspired and energized by your actions, and excited to get Yellow Yogi back online.

My vision for Yellow Yogi is to continue to provide a free forum for people to access and share information about yoga with a standard of excellence. I would like to bring back featured blogs and videos, showcase locally made yoga related products, and am open to new suggestions you may have for the Yellow Yogi site. What are your ideas? Please contact me, or visit the Facebook site to generate new conversations!

At the core of this vision is a new layer for Yellow Yogi – a Yoga Therapy Directory. This comes from my personal experience and passion, being a certified Yoga Therapist myself, and from a need for more information about the therapeutic aspects of Yoga for specific conditions. Professionals in the health and medical community are increasingly looking to refer their clients to qualified Yoga Therapists and reputable studios. With the new and emerging profession of Yoga Therapy, it is my intention that this directory be a uniting and expansive resource for all.

So there you have it – Yellow Yogi is back!! I look forward to meeting you in person or online soon.


With love, gratitude and laughter,

Yours truly,

Sarah Wade