Yin with Carly Forest

A yin yoga practice is an ideal container to cultivate mindfulness and to remember our essential nature. Over the course of the four-week series, participants will explore skillful ways to be with their experience whole-heartedly, regardless of their conditions, assisting them to move beyond habitual patterns of reactivity. Using the yin practice as a vehicle for transformation and self-inquiry, we will stay in poses for a longer period of time (7 – 10 minutes), and focus primarily on seeing the ways we disconnect from our essential nature, and how we can quiet the mind and cultivate clear-seeing and connection to strengthen our inner resources. This course is intended for students who have previous experience with yin yoga. To learn more about Carly, visit www.carlyforest.ca

Date: 02/03/2011 – 02/24/2011 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Cost: $80+ HST (space is limited; please pre-register to hold a spot)
Moksha Yoga Victoria