Yin/Restorative Flow

As important as it is to our physical and mental well-being to be strong it is not muscular strength that gives us the feeling of ease and lightness in the body, it is the flexibility of the joints and of the connective tissue.

We will be moving in a gentle Hatha flow allowing for better circulation and joint mobility towards Restorative and Yin Yoga postures which are quiet and meditative. These are floor based postures held for 3-5 minutes. We will be gently stretching and rehabilitating the connective tissues that form our joints.

Yin Yoga allows us to work with the energy moving through the body and along the meridians. Themes and inspired readings will also be incorporated. This class is a great introduction to the Yin practice. **Due to the nature and focus of Yin Yoga, it is not appropriate for pregnant woman or those with recent muscle strain or joint injury.

Mondays | 7-8:30pm | at Heart of the Village Yoga in Oak Bay.