“Yoga for a Cause” – Operation Bumblebee

Victoria Yoga Collective, Social Coast, Spring Ridge Commons and Life Cycles present:

“Yoga for a Cause” – Operation Bumblebee

When: Sunday July 15th, 4-5 pm
What: Hatha with Nicole Sheldrake
Where: 1303 Broad Street (corner of Broad & Yates) above Wild Coffee
Cost: By donation – All proceeds go to Social Coast’s campaign to plant bee friendly plants in Spring Ridge Gardens.

Once again, the Victoria Yoga Collective and Social Coast are teaming up to bring you Yoga for a Cause! On July 15th, Nicole Sheldrake will be leading a 1hr Hatha class. Admission is by donation, and all of the money will go directly to the most recent Social Coast campaign.

For the months of June/July, Social Coast is partnering up with Spring Ridge Commons and Life Cycles to raise awareness and educate the public about the plight of the native bee.

Even though honey bees are important for the agriculture industry native bees play a vital role in pollinating crops as well as native plants. There are over 450 native bees in BC and the Yukon, and their main threat is loss of habitat for foraging and nesting. Unlike honey bees who build hives, 70% of native bees build their nests in the ground and you probably wouldn’t recignize them as bees since many shapes sizes and colours.

Our aim is to inform the public on what they can do to make their outdoor space suitable habitat for bees. This is an exciting campaign and I hope you all can BEE there! Find out more at: http://www.socialcoast.org/index.php/take-action

Please join the VYC and Social Coast for an afternoon of yoga and community activism!

www.thevyc.com, www.socialcoast.org,

*The studio space is being generously donated by Barefoot at Heart Yoga and Wellness (www.barefootatheart.com)