Yoga for Depression

Your true nature is neither depressed nor anxious.

A Five-week Series

We live in an age in which a growing number of people suffer from anxiety. Approximately 8% of adult Canadians will experience a major depression/anxiety at some point in their lives. 54% of people mistakenly believe depression is a personal weakness.

LifeForce® Yoga is an evidence-based yoga protocol for managing mood and clearing away the obstacles that prevent us from fully expressing who we are. LifeForce® Yoga offers accessible poses, breathing exercises and other yoga practices not taught in regular Yoga classes. Victoria’s only LifeForce Yoga teacher, Ocean Lum has been teaching Yoga since 2001. Her classes weave together yogic wisdom, positive psychology and mindfulness. Ocean inspires her students to open their hearts and access their inner wisdom and strength as they move through their personal journey. Her skills as a Registered Clinical Counsellor are available to LifeForce Yoga participants at a reduced rate.

Location(s), Dates(s) and Times(s):

A Five-week Series
Thursdays, November 7 to December 5
Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pm
Place: Moksana Yoga Studio
Cost: $85

Website, Contact Email and/or Phone:

Contact Ocean:
250 382-3810

Register at Moksana:
250 385-2105