Yoga Thrive! Therapeutic Yoga for Chronic Pain

Yoga Thrive! is a 7-week progressive (each class builds on the previous), research-based Yoga program designed to create and maintain wellness in the body and mind through conscious movement and breathing techniques that enable us to feel at ease in our lives. By learning how to move in a pain-free way, we will stimulate and strengthen the para-sympathetic nervous system, creating balance and space in the body, so that we may transition from a state of ?surviving? to one of THRIVING.

Yoga Thrive! (created by Susi Hately of Functional Synergy) is open to all who experience chronic pain, as well as their support persons. For more information about Yoga Thrive! visit

Class runs every Friday 11:30-12:45 from May 21st until July 2nd. Cost for 7-week series is $70. For more information and to register: (250) 474-6935