Lotus Play:an opportunity for Yoga Teachers & others

Join the next Lotus Play class, this coming Saturday 27 February 2010 at 3-5pm at Breathing Space in Brentwood Bay.

This workshop style class will focus on the hips and will be led by Sandy Mouret. Class is by donation, with profits going to the Canadian Foundation for the Children of Haiti (see www.cfchcanada.ca).

Lotus Play is an organic vinyasa flow style class that will have less instruction on basic alignment so participants should be familiar with most of the basic hatha poses & with Sun Salutations. This workshop style of class will be suitable for teachers, fitness instructors, personal trainers & to those who are already quite familiar with their own bodies & the mind-body connection.

It will be quite an exploratory series of classes playing with arm balances, inversions, deep back bends – taking ourselves out of our comfort zone, keeping our egos in check so that we challenge ourselves but not push beyond our limits. It as an “organic” class because although there is someone leading, the objective is for all to learn from each other, from observing each other, sharing of ideas, practicing with partners & also giving teachers/teachers in training/newly certified teachers an opportunity to practice adjustments. This will be a 2 hour class, giving plenty of time for warm ups, actual practice & an ending with a long savasana, pranayama & meditation.

Sandy Mouret counts amongst her most influential teachers some renowned and dedicated yogis and yoginis – Caru Candra, Seane Corn, Patrick Creelman, Ana Forrest, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, and David Swensen. Her study of yoga continually evolves as she learns from her most important teachers – all those who come to the practice. Sandy is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance (US), Yoga Association of BC and the Canadian Yoga Alliance.

Saturday 27 February 2010 @ 3:00 – 5:00pm

Contact: breathingspace@telus.net OR visit their website.