Passport to Prana

Passport to Prana is back with an opportunity to sample some of Victoria’s amazing yoga studios !

Passport to Prana entitles you to one class at each of the participating yoga studios in and around Victoria for one year (from the date of purchase). That’s $20 for 11 classes, or less than $2 per class!


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From the founders of Passport to Prana


Passport to Prana

is your ticket to some of the best yoga classes in your city! Whether you’re looking for something slow and meditative or vigorous and challenging, there is a range of styles to suit your needs.

Below you’ll find a quick overview of the creators of Passport to Prana and how the passport works. For more detailed information, check out



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For Class Schedules, please visit the website of each participating studio.

For a map of studio locations, visit

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When you purchase a Passport to Prana card you will receive a physical card with a magnetic stripe, barcode, and unique six-digit number on the back. You must activate your card online before using it. The Passport to Prana entitles you to one class at each of the participating yoga studios listed above for one year from date of activation.

Activating and Monitoring Your Account on

Your Passport to Prana is supported by which tracks your studio attendance and offers useful information about the participating studios, including maps, contact information and class schedules. You must activate your card on and sign into your account using your six-digit card number and the password you chose when activating your card.

Receiving your Passport ships Passports every  Tuesday and Friday at 9:00 am EST using regular postal service. You may also choose to have your Passport delivered using Xpresspost, which offers tracking, delivery confirmation, coverage for loss or damage, and delivery within 3 business days. also ships Xpresspost orders the next business day. Shipping rates are shown when you purchase your passport.

Using your Passport
While there is a limit of one Passport to Prana per person per city per promotional year, you are welcome to purchase as many Passports as you like for your friends, family, employees and co-workers.

To attend a class, simply check your desired class time the studio’s website and present your Passport to Prana upon your arrival at the studio. The studio will do the rest. You should see your studio attendance reflected on within a week of attending the class.

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Can I buy more than one Passport to Prana?
You are limited to using one Passport per city per promotional year. This means you can buy Passports for different cities (if you are traveling) and you can buy another Passport for your city next year, and years following, even if you’ve already bought one previously. You are also welcome to purchase Passports as gifts for friends and family.

Does my Passport to Prana expire?

The expiry is 1 year from the date of activation. Expiry dates are inclusive, meaning that they can be used on those dates, but not after.

Can I attend more than one class at my favorite studio?
You are entitled to a single class per studio per promotional year. You may not take more than one class at a given studio, even if you can’t make it to the other participating studios. Of course, you can buy another Passport next year if you’d like to give your favorite studio another try. Most studios also have a one- or two- week trial pass for new students, including Passport holders.

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“Toronto based Passport to Prana Inc. is an experiment in putting our yoga to work. It was built on the notion that we can do a better job of promoting the practices of yoga when we join together as a likeminded community, than we can through competition.

What’s in it for the participating studios? Well, they want to showcase their charming spaces, talented teachers, and unique approach to yoga. They know they’re the best of the best and they’re each confident that you’ll find them irresistible.

So what’s in it for us? We love yoga and all things related to yoga, and this is our way of shouting it from the rooftops. We are studio owners, yoga teachers and avid practitioners with a mission: to introduce as many people to the life–changing benefits of yoga as we can. We launched Passport to Prana four years ago with eight of our favourite studios and, quite frankly, we don’t intend to stop until Passport to Prana gives you easy access to the best studios worldwide. Trying out all these great studios is a big job but, hey, somebody has to do it!

We’ve been called idealists by our friends in more traditional businesses, and we take that as a good sign. We believe that absolutely everyone can (and hopefully will) benefit from studying yoga with a qualified teacher, and we know for a fact that well-informed students are the best possible students.”

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Please consider purchasing by following the link below to donate proceeds to keep YellowYogi an all-inclusive free resource for Victoria community. Click the button below to connect to the Passport to Prana website. From there, click “English” (under Canada), and then “Buy Now” located at the top right corner of the main page.