Have a yoga related event, retreat, workshop, seminar or teacher training coming up? Submit your information here! All submissions are posted on the corresponding events page (retreats, workshops, etc) and Yellow Yogi Facebook fan page. A link to each submission may also be posted on the home page and Yellow Yogi Twitter feed. All submissions are emailed to Yellow Yogi subscribers.

All submissions will be posted on the site every Wednesday, and emailed to subscribers every Thursday. The deadline for each weekly submission is Wednesday 12 pm PST.

So if, for example, you would like to advertise an event that takes place on Saturday August 24, and you submit your information on Thursday August 8, it will be posted on the website on Wednesday August 15 and emailed to subscribers Thursday August 16. This provides the community 9 days notice of your event. Depending on the event retreat or workshop and registration details, you may need to provide more notice. So please plan accordingly and send your information as early as you can! 

Your content will only be edited for spelling and punctuation. Don’t forget to proofread and include correct website links. Thank you for helping grow and unite the yoga community in Victoria!


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