Hip openers. Unlocking your hips is vital to back health and finding ease in your body.

This 3 hour workshop with Dorothy will include: •A moderately energetic Hatha Vinyasa Flow balanced with Yin and Restorative. All incorporating the focus of the workshop….hip openers! •Learn the ‘Four Purifications’. Four pranayama exercises that balance the energy body and move stagnant energy keeping all vital areas healthy and stimulated. •Practice a simple meditation with […]

Therapeutic Yoga ; Relasing the Shoulders

This workshop serves as a focus for exploring the variety of ways our shoulders are designed for movement, including a deep exploration of rotational design, commonly known as rotater cuff. Learn to release tensions and blockages that inhibit a full range of motion with a mindful exploration of traditional yogic shoulder openers. Location(s), Dates(s) and […]