Thai Yoga Massage Training with Mia Blackwell

Thai Yoga Massage Level Two This hands on course builds on the foundations of Thai Massage Level One. We will review Level One postures, and incorporate new postures, including Double Leg and Seated postures. You will learn how to customize your 90 minute massage according to people of different sizes, flexibility & ability. You will […]

All good things come to an end…

Dear Friends and Family, YellowYogi is closed as of Monday April 1, 2013 (no, this is not an April Fool’s joke!) I am committed to sharing my passion for yoga worldwide and standing for all being harmonious and divine. I have decided to refocus my energy and efforts towards teaching yoga, healing through reiki and […]

Danielle’s Den – Latest Blog Post

If you missed the recent furore regarding William Broad’s book, The Science of Yoga — you’ve been hiding under a rock. Broad proclaimed that behind yoga’s benign façade was a veritable trail of dislocated joints, ruptured lungs, popped ribs, strokes, and torn Achilles tendons. While I do agree, I also think that most of the rebuttal to […]

Danielle’s Den – Latest Blog Post

          Lately there is a lot of talk in new age circles about the importance of the heart in a coming shift or expansion of consciousness. The gist of the talk is this, if we can get out of our ego driven heads and begin living in our hearts; ‘heaven on […]

Meditation for Kids Workshop

This class is designed to help kid’s aged 5 – 10 turn chaotic situations into peaceful ones. Help them learn about and understand feelings and relationships and develop techniques to encourage long, restful sleep. Join our amazing instructor, Vicki and help your child deal with life in a positive way by giving them the skills […]