Hip openers. Unlocking your hips is vital to back health and finding ease in your body.

This 3 hour workshop with Dorothy will include: •A moderately energetic Hatha Vinyasa Flow balanced with Yin and Restorative. All incorporating the focus of the workshop….hip openers! •Learn the ‘Four Purifications’. Four pranayama exercises that balance the energy body and move stagnant energy keeping all vital areas healthy and stimulated. •Practice a simple meditation with […]

Freedom from Anxiety Workshop w/ Carly Lauder

Introductory Workshop STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING Are you tired of constantly worrying, feeling tense or on “edge”? Does this feeling interfere with your work, school, or social life and cause you to avoid situations or activities? Are you plagued by fears that you know are irrational, but can’t shake? If you answered YES, then […]

Yoga For Management of Emotions with Swami Maheshananda

In our attempts to bring spirituality into our daily lives, beyond the mat, a major challenge is our own emotions. Often we are unable to sustain the feelings of being centered and grounded after yoga practice, in the ups and downs of relationships, work pressure and daily routines. This seminar is designed to help us […]

Chakra Dharana: Opening Up The Centers of Cosmic Connections

Monday, August 23 | 1:30-4:30pm | $45 + hst Enter into the dimension of Consciousness and Energy through the systems of Chakras. Chakras provide us with tools for relaxation, concentration and meditation and help us to explore the different planes of consciousness so that we can express our creativity in day-to-day living. By integrating Chakra-Yoga […]